Committed To The Community

Giving to others changes lives, and that is the best reward to oneself” Doing what you love and being able to give back is truly a blessing. By using ones gifts to enhance someones quality of life has an impact on not only the person in need but the person able to help.

As a designer we get to visually see the impact and how people respond to our work. But to knowingly make a house a home that is comfortable and pleasing can impact the way people feel about themselves and help motivate them to do better in their life. That is what Furnishing Hope is all about.

Furnishing Hope

Through the month of October, Furnishing Hope has invited interior designers to furnish and stage a wounded hero’s home. These designers have shopped, coordinated, packed and installed their warrior’s home. 

The challenge was… all this had to be done in one week!

After seeing his furnished apartment for the first time William Franklin said “It’s amazing. I never dreamed in a million years it would be… it’s unbelievable. I would just like to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart. 

From me, Isabelle and Maddie, we thank you so much.