Staging Your Home

Benefits of Home Staging

~ The return on investment from staging your home is 8% – 10% greater
~ Staged homes sell 79% faster than those not professionally staged
~ Staging a home is preparing a home for a sale so the buyer can mentally move in
~ The price for staging a home is tax deductible and good for 90 days
~ 90% of potential buyers search online first, so professional stagers can create spaces that photograph beautifully
~ Because staged homes sell quicker, the price for the home remains higher because we all know the longer a home is on the market the price decreases with time

The Process Of Staging A Home

The process for home staging includes a home consultation of the paint colors, new flooring selections, and possible lighting options. Starting with a clean canvas helps to incorporate a desired look and style you want so you can get your home sold as quickly as possible.

Home Staging Calculator